RPS Savana T-7 - ( RPS Savana Faridabad )
Posted by Diganta Goswami 16 Jan 2014
Hi All, I am going to be resident of T-7/505. RPS is going to send us the final possession letter in Feb-Mar 2014 as per my last discussion with them. According to then the demand letter will ask for following charges: 1. Charges towards ECC 2. Fire Fighting charges (FFC) 3. Electric Meter Connection charges 4. Prepaid meter card deposit charges 5. Administration charges 6. Charges towards Stamp duty & Registration approx For me it is coming out to be approximately 6 lakhs. They have also confirmed that they will be considering the builder's penalty charges also at that time and it is going to be Rs 5/- per sq ft per month starting from Nov 2010 onwards. Thanks Diganta Goswami
RPS - ( RPS Savana Faridabad )
Posted by Sandeep 14 Feb 2014
I was at RPS site last month and understand that they are refusing to pay the penalty by giving some clauses in the builder-buyer agreement (especially “if any installment gets delay etc.etc”). There must be a clear statement from RPS management on this issue if they believe in transparency and good for their new project.

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RPS Savana Faridabad

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