Revision in EDC rates - ( Dhingra Suburbian Floors Faridabad )
Posted by kashyap 24 Apr 2012
Dear Mr indiaspaces, please advise (1) the Rate of EDC charges per acre advised by DTCP for Greater Faridabad before revising in July 2011. (2) Is the IDC decided by DTCP/Govt? What i presume is IDC the internal Development Charges which require to be carry out inside the group housing and is required to be done by the respective developer, then why and how govt is concerned. (3) is IDC also going to be revised for the project. (4) I was contacted by an agent for sale option, will you advise what is the premium in suburbain floors for all the floor flats. And if you have any thing ready in the project which can be purchased? at what cost? Rajesh

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Dhingra Suburbian Floors Faridabad

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