Possession of BPTP Villa - ( BPTP Parklands Villas Faridabad )
Posted by gagan 07 Sep 2013
Dear Friends there is no need to be cheerful. The construction raised by the BPTP in Villa was compounded by the Director Town and Country Planning, Haryana on 31.5.2013 but they took no trouble to provide us compounded details. Now they have provided compounding detail on a piece of A4 paper which is no use. This is not readable even by a Microscope. Now we have to approve the building plan of area to be constructed by us from STP the estimated expenditure of approval of building plan is Rs.20,000/- in addition to expenditure to be incurred on obtaining completion/occupation certificate. From the above it is clear that we can not directly start the construction.

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BPTP Parklands Villas Faridabad

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