RPS - ( RPS Savana Faridabad )
Posted by Sandeep 14 Feb 2014
I was at RPS site last month and understand that they are refusing to pay the penalty by giving some clauses in the builder-buyer agreement (especially “if any installment gets delay etc.etc”). There must be a clear statement from RPS management on this issue if they believe in transparency and good for their new project.
penalty - ( RPS Savana Faridabad )
Posted by Sandeep 15 May 2014
Can you please clear your objective? What I understand from your comments is "if I delay any payment and it occur interest so RPS will not give me Penalty” Right?
RPS Savana - ( RPS Savana Faridabad )
Posted by kirti 30 Apr 2014
sir rps savana give penalty only one condition if not single rupee interest on your file its only 5 rupees per sq.ft

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