Penalty Clause - ( Omaxe New Heights Faridabad )
Posted by Atul Kulkarni 29 Jul 2012
Plz let me know what about penalty clause in case of Omaxe new height. As per builder buyer agreement, Project shall be completed with in 36 months from start of construction and any delay beyond this period lead to penalty to builder. Kindly let me know what is the start date of construction of this project and when will be build completely and accordingly regarding penalty clause.Thanks in advance
comment - ( Omaxe New Heights Faridabad )
Posted by VIVEK GUPTA 01 Aug 2012
Yes i have got the penalty which was partially adjusted against interest which i was required to pay. I have a 2BR in omaxe Height. But it requires lot of effort also
Penalty Clause - ( Omaxe New Heights Faridabad )
Posted by sumir 31 Jul 2012
Please let me know if any builder in Neharpar, Faridabad area has paid Penalty Charges. In Omaxe Heights and in some of the BPTP projects, possession have been given but all were delayed. Did resident of these projects get the penalty charges? Would be grateful if right information is shared.

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