ONH Sales Call - ( Omaxe New Heights Faridabad )
Posted by 09 Apr 2012
Hello ONH flat owners, I am not sure if other ONH owners have been getting calls from property dealers of late, but I have received about 10 calls from different dealers in last 2 weeks. The latest caller offered me X amount of premium and stated that it is a golden opportunity to exit this project and invest the total amount in another project which I can get at a lesser premium and would appreciate more than ONH. To my surprise the another project was from a small builder and was launched in 2008. The only point I would like to make here is to be careful in dealing with the dealers. As there are not many transactions happening, so dealers are trying their best to coax people in selling their existing flat for a new one so that they can make some money at our cost. Thanks - Rajesh
ONH - ( Omaxe New Heights Faridabad )
Posted by asha 12 Apr 2012
Hi Anil and Rajesh, This seems to be the case. The property dealers definitely have some hidden motive behind this. The premium amount being quoted is increasing day by day. When I bought the flat I was told the best part to be the proximity to commercial sector - 79. Now these dealers are telling stories that being near to a commercial sector will be a disadvantage and will result in traffic congestion and disturbance. Thanks - Amit
onh - ( Omaxe New Heights Faridabad )
Posted by Hemant 11 Apr 2012
Hi Rajesh me too getting calls and and from dealers in that area that please sell your property in onh.they have some hidden agenda to get flats in low rates and later on they can actly make money as the onh is very competatively priced and you notfind any property in these rates in the entire neharpar area. This is my opinion may be others differs

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