Dhingra Suburbian Floors - ( Dhingra Suburbian Floors Faridabad )
Posted by Prabhat Saxena 19 Nov 2010
Any new update on the construction status of Suburbian Floors? When can I expect the possession of these flats? When will the outside infrastructure be there e.g. approaching road, water, electricity and basic amenities etc?
Dhingra suburbian floors - ( Dhingra Suburbian Floors Faridabad )
Posted by Jogender 19 Nov 2010
This is correct that from Units No. from 17-28 2nd Floors Roof casting is done alongwith Brickwork in some units. In Units 1-3 and 13-16, First floor roof casting is done.For Units 29-34 2nd Floor roof casting is done with brickwork in Progress for units 32-34 etc. There is no construction for Units 4-12 where the Sample house exists.Now here is a twist,as per the Site plan of Suburbian floors,also available on your site,the stairs are supposed to be between units 1 and 2,3 and 4 and so on in this order. But as per the construction the Stairs are given to corner flats like 1,8,9,16,17,22 and so on. This results in stairs between 2 and 3,4 and 5 Units. So if you have taken Unit 3 as North-East Facing, it now becomes South-West Facing

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Dhingra Suburbian Floors Faridabad

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