demand for xtra area - ( BPTP Parklands Villas Faridabad )
Posted by 18 Sep 2012
They were giving the carpet area and stairs for the BSP all this time since 2006-07. 150 sq yard carpet area was reduced to 964sqft to accommodate for stairs etc so total would be 1250 sq ft. How suddenly, at the time of possession BPTP has come up with this Extra area that was always there in the original BSP (Base selling price). Please post corrective comments if I have misunderstood something.
Demand xtra area - ( BPTP Parklands Villas Faridabad )
Posted by Nadim Azami 21 Sep 2012
Hi Sunny, Do you mean to say that the area which they show as increases area is genuine? Is it really area in the villa or outside villa like common area etc. Can someone tell what is included in super area? The reply which i got from BPTP is pasted below you that the area of the plot for F2-34 is 350 Sq. Yd. However, revised final built up area i.e. the super area of the said villa stands at 3029 Sq. Ft Further to your query, you are requested to Refer to the clause number 1.2 of ‘ 1. Considerations and other charges ‘. The extracts of the same is reproduced hereby for your ready reference, 1.2 The seller/confirming party has agreed to sell, reserve/allot and the purchaser has agreed to purchase Villa No. F2-34 proposed to be constructed on the freehold plot admeasuring 350 Sq. Yds. approx in the said colony, with an approximate built-up area of 2580 Sq. ft. ( the areas are tentative and are subject to change till the grant of occupation certificate by the competent authority) as per plan Annexure “ A” and specification as per Annexure “ B ” annexed herewith this agreement Accordingly the demand towards Offer of Possession letter has been demanded. Regards, Nadim

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