225 Sq yard Villa - ( BPTP Parklands Villas Faridabad )
Posted by navneet 03 Apr 2012
BPTP allotted me a villa in December 2007 under Park land Project Faridabad abd I paid 35% BSP +100%EDC+100%IDC+100%PLC charges. Builder Buyer agreement signed in June,2008 and as per the agreement signed by Sunil Puri on belaf of BPTP.And as per that Villa was to be delivered by 2011. BPTP raised demand for completion of foundation @10% of BSP in the same month and it was paid. After that they stopped the demand. In 2010 BPTP informed that my villa has been relocated by them and again promised to do reallotment in 2011. But again they did not do that and keep on giving excuse for delay. Few daya back they have have now come out with the statement to take money back or explore other options of flat. I am really fed with their indifferent attitude and raise following objections. 1. If they have completed foundation how can they relocated my villa? 2. They are not replying any thing in writing which raises doubt about their intention? 3. They are selling new villa to new people at much higher rate. 4. Their senior person Mr Jolly never lift the phone and avoid all queries.
consumer court - ( BPTP Parklands Villas Faridabad )
Posted by 10 Apr 2012
indiaspaces, I am emailing you the complete Judgement. you can easily access judgements from consumer courts website as well. These will not be available in google search. will give access to judgements across India. What I wish to say is that process and systems work if we have patience to go through the drill. If we stop beleiving in systems then we can't blame them either. Thanks Shaleen
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Posted by 07 Apr 2012
indiaspaces, Please check out First Appeal No. A/05/2410 (Maharashtra, Pune) Folowing is an excerpt from the judgment issued in 2011. Since the Appellant/Opponent failed to deliver possession and thus, guilty of deficiency in service, on that count, it is just and proper to compensate the Respondent/Complainant to match with the existing market price for similar property. There is no material to assess the exact market price as on today, but the Times of India 9/7/2011 Pune edition quote the property Index for residential apartments at Kothrud, Pune in between the range of `4,900/- to `5,800/- per sq. ft. Therefore, this can be legitimately taken as basis for the quantum of compensation. It would come almost to `51,00,000/-, considering the area of flat i.e. 97.5 sq. meters, even if taken into consideration the lower side. I can quote some more examples. Filing a case in consumer court is cumbersome but helpful. Thanks Shaleen
Parkland Villa - legal way - ( BPTP Parklands Villas Faridabad )
Posted by 05 Apr 2012
Dear Mr. Gupta, Time and gain, it has been observed that you are discouraging people directly/indirectly to approach Consumer Forum/Court.
Parkland Villa - legal way - ( BPTP Parklands Villas Faridabad )
Posted by 04 Apr 2012
Dear Mr. Pandey, You must approach appropriate Consumer Forum and sought relief in terms of villa as promised/agreement or prevailing current market price as the same has been settled in many recent cases. Please consult good lawyer.

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