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Posted By indiaspaces . on 02 Jun 2010
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Spelling relief to lakhs of people who bought flats in various apartments on gener- al power of attorney (GPA), the Delhi High Court on Tuesday directed the Delhi Government to immediately implement the provisions of Delhi Apartment Ownership Act, 1986 .

Sincere implementation of the provisions will effectively free GPA-holders, who bought their houses in resale, from the clutches of brokers, builders, promoters and land mafia and protect their rights.

These include formation of their own association, mem- bership at par with original allottees and voting rights and right to fix maintenance.

The order by a Bench of jus- tices A.K. Sikri and Ajit Bharihoke came on a PIL filed by lawyer O.S. Bajpai, who said vested interests, including bro- kers and land mafia, continued to retain hold on various apart- ment complexes because the government failed to implement , d the Act passed 20 years ago.

The court asked the govern- f ment to appoint competent - area-wise authorities within a l month for effective implemen- d tation of the Act.

Directing the competent - authorities to inform the own- t ers of the apartments about d their right to form owners' asso- d ciation in accordance with the - Act, the court said such an asso- d ciation shall take over the man- - agement and books of account e and other documents from the t builders and promoters.