17 Games flats to be razed Emaar Ready For Demolition To Get Completion Certificate

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New Delhi: The 17 flats which DDA said were constructed illegally in the upper basement of the Games Village will soon be demolished. The building department of the Delhi Development Authority issued notices to the developer Emaar MGF to this effect on May 2.

    The vice-chairman of the land agency (DDA), G S Patnaik, said these flats were “illegal and have been sealed as of now”. The flats were not constructed as per the sanctioned building plan, said DDA officials. “The required notice for carrying out the demolition has already been served to Emaar, which has given its consent to go ahead with the demolition action,” said Patnaik.

    The issue of the illegality of these flats cropped up just before the Commonwealth Games.
    The total cost of these flats is between Rs 30 crore and Rs 40 crore, said sources. The developer apparently gave an application on April 28, saying it is ready to remove the unauthorized flats in the upper basements/stilt area without prejudice to their contention and rights under Master Plan-2021 and the building bylaws, provided the completion certificate is soon issued to the balance 1,168 flats in 34 towers.
    With Emaar having sold off its share of 450-odd flats, the people who bought them for anything between Rs 2 crore and
Rs 5 crore each have been asking the developer to hand over the property. The remaining flats are with DDA. But no flat can be allotted before the completion certificate is issued. Sources said the developer decided to forego the loss of having the 17 flats demolished to expedite the process of getting the completion certificate.

    DDA claimed a lot of other issues needed to be dealt with before a completion certificate could be given for the rest of the flats. “Waterproofing of the basement is still going on and the completion certificate can only be given once this exercise has been completed. Besides, as per
the lieutenant-governor’s orders, DDA has to ascertain whether the construction of the Village complex is within the overall ambit of Master Plan-2021 and the unified building bylaws which are in force in Delhi,” said a DDA official.

    How these flats could have come up without DDA’s knowledge is something that no one in the land agency is willing to answer. “We do not know how these flats could have been constructed without any DDA official knowing about it but they were definitely not part of the building plan sanctioned,” said a source. As per the sharing basis, the land agency would have got six — one-third — of these 17 flats.

    During a recent hearing, DDA representatives submitted that these unauthorized flats were unsafe and not likely to be fit for habitation because widespread seepage in the basement area was noticed during floods in April/September 2010. Moreover, several service lines of other flats are passing along the roofs of the unauthorized flats, they said.

    The buyers of the flats, however, continue to suffer. “We had bought these flats as it was a government project with a time-bound deadline. We were supposed to have got possession by this March. We are suffering huge losses as many of us are paying 12% as annual interest on the loans taken from banks,” said Dhiraj Mathur of the Commonwealth Games Village Allottees Welfare Association.

Sad Situation for buyers - ( 17 Games flats to be razed Emaar Ready For Demolition To Get Completion Certificate )
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This is sad situation for buyers. Many buy properties in Delhi after much thought and research. DDA is government authority and buying property here means that money going in safe hands. But seeing such a situation, it will ward of many buyers. Before buying property, it is advisable to check and compare.

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